Expert DC Remodeling Team


Harry Headrick – Founder / President

As Founder and President of Expert Design & Construction, Harry is the driving force behind Expert’s unparalleled quality service and professionalism. He, and his brother Jeff, literally grew up in one constant residential remodel. Many people are now familiar with residential “flipping” or the industry of finding a run down or otherwise de-valued house, fixing it and selling the Sacramento Remodeling Home at a profit. Such cable TV shows as The Real Deal and Flip that House chronicle the up and down adventures of investors and contractors. Harry’s father who was in real estate for thirty years moved the family to nineteen different houses in eighteen years. The adventure occurred long before the widespread term “flipping” was probably coined. Each house had a different level of repair necessary and presented a new opportunity for Harry and his brother Jeff to learn residential construction. Harry started painting rooms at age eight, and steadily gained a wider exposure to an industry he has grown to love.

After several years in the Carpenter’s Union, running large crews on commercial projects, Harry wanted a new challenge and a return to residential projects. He explains his return to residential by saying, “The problem with commercial projects is that six months after you pour your heart into a project, they turn it into a Starbuck’s. With residential remodels, you have the chance to create something that is loved and valued for generations.

Harry is particularly proud of his membership in the National Association of the Remodeling Industry and his Certified Remodeler (CR) and Certified Kitchen and Bath Remodeler (CKBR)designations.

In his spare time, Harry loves to golf, but admittedly is a much better builder! The only thing Harry loves more than his work is his family – Jennifer (his unbelievable patient and supportive wife) and their two beautiful children, Natalie and Jack.


Jennifer Headrick – Account Manager

Jennifer wanted the title “Remodeling Home Show Specialist” but she does much more than that.  Jennifer is Expert’s resident bean counter.  She makes sure invoices are sent and the bills are paid (along with making sure the t’s are crossed and the i’s are dotted).  She’s always available to answer any questions about billing, allowances and pricing.  Jennifer loves to work at EDC’s booth throughout the year at all the Sacramento remodeling Home shows.  Come on out and say, “Hi” at the next show!


Jeff Headrick – General Manager

Jeff and Harry have been a team their whole lives. Though he may look like Harry, the two couldn’t have more different personalities. Jeff’s laser focus and fanatical attention to even the smallest details made him Expert’s most requested foreman and uniquely qualified to oversee the entire production department. Jeff is a leader and an organizer who instills confidence in our employees, sub-contractors and clients through both his words and his actions. When Harry first started the company, Jeff left an established Union Foreman position to help build the company we have today


Taffy Soper – Project Coordinator

When you call our office, the friendly voice you will most likely hear is that of Taffy Soper, our Project Coordinator and Harry’s sister. As the “glue” of the Production Department, Taffy works hard to keep our various systems running smoothly. She double checks the schedules, makes sure all the orders have been placed, follows up with vendors, suppliers and sub-contractors and tracks the change orders, punch lists, and job walk action forms. Harry tried for three years to get Taffy to move to the Sacramento area and lend her 12 years of bookkeeping experience and organizational skills to further the company. The opportunity finally presented itself in 2005, and she has been a star member of the team ever since. No matter how complicated the situation, Taffy is always the calm, helpful voice on the other end of the line, ready to address any administrative issue.