Five Tips to Create an Amazing Bathroom Remodel

Honestly ask yourself, “Am I a tub person?”

Most folks believe a tub is mandatory in a master bathroom remodel. Not always true – as per our expert Sacramento remodel designers. A tub is not always necessary, when you set out for a bathroom remodeling project. It is not even a good idea always. Moreover, it depends on your individual needs. If you kept a log each day, how many times would you use a tub in a year? Also, how long are you going to be in the home? If you aren’t ever moving, then resale is unimportant. Even if you plan on moving, a spa like shower will help many buyers forget all about a tub.

Do you have another tub in the house? If the hall bath has one, usually that will take care of the occasional bath, washing the kids or the dogs. Bathrooms are a game of inches, and getting rid of the tub can open up a myriad of possibilities. Moreover, this is the best way to save space, so you can make the most of that space, while remodeling your bathroom.

Plan for the future when planning a bathroom remodel.

Today, you’re in good health, but what about 15 years from now? What if you break your leg skiing? What if you need to take care of elderly parents a few years from now? Even if you don’t need grab bars, curb-less entries, heated floors, bench seats, hand-held fixtures, etc. right now, you may need them in the future. A little planning now can save you a lot of money later. Go ahead and install the backing for future grab bars. Your contractor or the bathroom remodeling professional can mark their location on the plans for future reference, or you can take pictures of their location before drywall. Review all of the accessibility options with your designer.

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Balance beauty and maintenance.

Do you want to deal with all the grout a mosaic brings to the table? Could you live with a porcelain tile that is virtually maintenance free vs. a beautiful, but soft and porous natural stone? Will you really squeegee all that glass everyday? Really?

Small details make all the difference.

A recessed niche for shampoo, conditioner, soap, razor, etc. is fabulous. Men, your wife needs the bench seat for leg shaving (amazing the things you learn as a Remodeler). A pedestal sink is only cool until you have to put the Costco pack of toilet paper away. A quiet, powerful exhaust fan is your best friend. Consider the lighting for general vision and also for makeup application.

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Try before you buy.

You should sit in a tub before you buy it. For the sake of modesty, make sure you are fully clothed or have made prior arrangements with the store owner. In all seriousness, a tub can be a major cost in Sacramento, and you want to be sure that the angle that it reclines is comfortable, that the sides are not too high, nor too low. Also, consider your sink. Will it be large enough? Is the vanity too high or low? Will that beautiful vessel sink be a pain to clean behind? Tape out the size of the shower on the floor to make sure you have enough elbow room when you get done.

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